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At becausewecare™, we are excited to introduce the BotanicBag™ – The world’s first, certified biodegradable and compostable non-woven bag. This new and innovative green technology is designed to replace the traditional non-woven “Green Bag”, currently available in supermarkets and retail chains across the world. This revolutionary development also means that consumers can now take home a reusable non-woven bag, use it over an over again and compost it at the end of its life cycle. 

Although the traditional non-woven “Green Bags” are effective in reducing the circulation of traditional single use plastic bags, “Green Bags” are made from “polypropylene” (PP), a petroleum product similar to that used for single use plastic bags.  Traditional PP non -woven bags can be recycled but very few recycling programs exist and the majority of these bags are disposed of with general waste, clogging up landfill. Similar to single use plastic bags, traditional PP bags will not break down for hundreds of years.

Manufactured from a combination of plant starch and other biodegradable constituents, the BotanicBag™, including the ink and thread used in the manufacture process, has been engineered to meet all international standard requirements for biodegradability and compostability. When disposed of into a composting environment, the BotanicBag™ in its entirety will break down into hummus, water and carbon dioxide in a matter of weeks.

At becausewecare™, we are proud to offer you this latest addition to our extensive product range. Give your business and your customers the green and environmentally sustainable choice of bag.  Contact the team at becausewecare™ to find out how the BotanicBag™ can assist your business in taking an environmentally responsible step forward.